The Language Brazilians Speak

My name is Geocarlos Alves. I have studied languages almost all by myself since I was a boy, and the languages I have mostly studied are Portuguese, my mother language, and English, my second language and the language I mostly use at home for having a Guyanese wife. I am twenty-eight years old... and have two sons. 

Now I live in Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil, and study language and literature - Portuguese, English and Latin - at the Universidade Federal de Roraima (Federal University of Roraima). I am a public employee, and I work in the National Instute of Agrarian Reform of Brazil. I also know some French, Spanish and German. I can also say something in Japanese, but I can't maintain a conversation in that language. These days I have been trying to learn Macushi - an Amerindian language largely spoken in Roraima, Guyana and Venezuela. 

Besides helping people learn my language I also would like to make some extra money by translating text or audio, or transcribing audio, and teaching Portuguese online on Windows Live Messenger or Skype. In any way I'll be publishing free useful information about Brazilian Portuguese on this website. 

You may contact me by using the form on the home page to know how to hire me for translation service and how to book online Portuguese classes on Windows Live Messenger or Skype. 

You may also contact me for explanation about something in Portuguese or information about Boa Vista or Roraima state, and I may help you and not charge you for that. 

 Disturbing people somewhere in Boa Vista

 In front of Memorial JK, in Brasilia (a place in Memory of President Juscelino Kubitschek, the founder of Brasilia city.